Prof. Dr. Hubertus Kohle
Institute for Art History
Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
Zentnerstr. 31
80798 Munich

Prof. Dr. Fran├žois Bry
Institute for Informatics
Teaching and Research Unit Programming and Modelling Languages
Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 Munich


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About ARTigo

Copyright notice

We make every effort to comply with the copyright regulations, especially with regard to the ARTigo database. We only integrate photos of artworks of which the copyright holders (author and illustrator/photographer) have been dead for at least 70 years.

The ARTigo platform is a non-profit research project which relies on the support of a broad community. Associate partners (e.g. museums) help us to enlarge this ARTigo collection. Hence in rare cases errors and inaccuracies may occur and cannot be entirely excluded. We endeavour to limit this risk of unintentional copyright infringements.

In case you discover or justifiably suspect contents which might affect the copyright of the author or third parties, please contact us. We shall see that the necessary correction is made as soon as possible.