ARTigo project
ARTigo game

In Karido, as in the ARTigo game, artworks are to be tagged. Though here you and your co-player see nine artworks at the same time. In Karido one of the two players describes while the other one makes guesses.

At first, the describer chooses one of the nine artworks and tags it as in ARTigo. At the same time, while looking at the tags, the guesser tries to find out which of the artworks is meant. The more the shown artworks are alike, the more difficult it is to find characteristic tags in order to define the differences. At all times, the guesser can ask the describer questions in form of tags. The answer can be “yes” or “no”.

As soon as the guesser chose the correct artwork, the describer chooses a new one from the remaining artworks and describes it. He does so until all artworks are guessed.

You can play Karido either limited by a determined time or by the number of turns. As regards the version with a time limit you have 90 seconds to recognize as many artworks as possible with the help of tags. When choosing the turn-based version, there is no time limit but only 30 moves per round are allowed.