ARTigo project
ARTigo game

In Crossover two rounds of each, the ARTigo Game, ARTigo Taboo and Tag a Tag, are played randomly in a row. After playing once you can define the number of rounds for each game on your own. While ARTigo Game and ARTigo Taboo rounds last 60 seconds, there is no timelimit for Tag a Tag rounds. In each round the current game and a short description is displayed.

The rounds themselves correspond to the original games:

  • In ARTigo Game rounds an artwork which should be described accurately with tags, is shown to you and a co-player.
  • In ARTigo Taboo rounds the shown artwork should be described as accurately as possible with tags as well, but this time without using the given Taboo Words.
  • In Tag a Tag rounds the relationship between a given tag and the shown artwork should be described. A click on the „continue“-Button ends the round.

After six rounds you get an overview of your points and a review of the artworks with additional information. Additionaly, you can adjust your next round of the game Crossover according to your wishes by using the slider. After adjusting how many rounds of each game you want to play, a click on the „apply“-Button saves your setting and a click on the „play again“ link starts a new game with your settings.