ARTigo project
ARTigo game

The game ARTime displays three artworks which you and your co-players will have to arrange in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent. With a click your selected objects are placed in a box where you still have the possibility to resort them via drag & drop. Then go on to the next round.

For the awarding of points all the artwork pairs that result from your sorting will be compared with those form your co-player. For each matching pair you and your partner will get one point (Match-Point), consequently a maximum of 3 Match-Points can be scored. If both artworks in a pair are dated and thus their correct sequence is verifiable, the players can even earn up to a maximum of three extra points . The total of points achievable is 6. During the game the current score is shown on the left. At the end of the game you can check in an overview the number of points you earned in each game round.